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PSI provides its clients with personalized attention and quality analytical products and services, which is why 80 percent of our business is return business, and most new business is the result of client referrals

Services & Solutions


Our years of experience have taught us that not all business environments are created equal. What’s more, that each business environment has its own distinctive set of challenges and opportunities, from the national to the state/provincial and municipal levels and, importantly, the local/community level. As a result, PS International provides customized services for each private and public sector client.


Our corporate philosophy is to regard each client’s interest as our own, regardless of the scope of the engagement. This philosophy not only explains why our services repeatedly exceed client expectations, but also why 80 percent of our business is return business, and why most new business is the result of client referrals.


Our professionals meet the highest standards of excellence and ethics, ensuring the confidentiality of each project and the quality of actionable information that is critical for the client’s success.

Identify and assess risks that could impact employee security, costs, operational certainty, and potentially the share price of our publicly traded clients. PS International’s proven methodology analyzes the following nine operational risk factors, depending on our client needs and the business environments in which they operate. PS International not only identifies and assesses risks but recommends risk-reduction measures



Assess, mitigate, or manage security risk to employees, operations, and supply chains, such as of theft and sabotage.

Political and Regulatory

Track policy, regulations, and legislative initiatives at all government levels that can impact client interests and complement government-relations programs.

Economic and Taxation

Monitor, mitigate, and manage taxation risks to clients and their interests—including, for instance, overzealous tax audits, drawn-out withholding of tax returns, or the levy of new or increased taxes.

Legal and Judicial

Monitor and track national and international legal proceedings, targeting or impacting specific industries, clients, or client competitors.

Corruption and Ethics Compliance

Identify existing or potential sources of corruption and ethics compliance so that clients can continually adapt and strengthen their corporate ethics policies and measures.

Industry Competitor

Competitor experiences and challenges are often leading indicators for identifying emerging risks or threats to client interests.


Identify existing or potential environmental risks and recommend and assist with the implementation of measures or programs to manage or mitigate those risks.

Social and Community

Conduct stakeholder mapping and social baseline studies to inform the development and implementation of successful community relations and CSR programs.

Labor and Union

Monitor labor and intra- and-inter-labor union dynamics, which can impact costs and operational certainty.