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We are a global consulting firm that provides services that help clients navigate increasingly complex international business environments

Our services are intended to help:


Make informed decisions about international markets where they already have a presence (in employees and investments) as well as those markets they seek to penetrate. Deepen their knowledge of in-country dynamics and effectively manage their investments.

Boards of Directors

Obtain independent and expert analysis to remain well-informed about operational risks impacting company assets and investments, and accurately advise on strategic and operational decisions.

Policy Decision-makers

Make sound decisions, avoid unintended consequences, and achieve desired results.

Our global clients have over US$20 billion in investments worldwide and include Fortune 500 companies, small to medium-sized businesses, governments, international organizations, research institutes, and universities

For over 15 years, our clients have trusted us with their analytical and risk management needs, and we have helped them succeed in complex international markets. We’ve earned our clients’ trust by being on the ground, where investments encounter everyday realities — from issues related to security, politics and the economy, to environmental, social, and labor union dynamics.

We evaluate the dynamics in play that positively or adversely impact our clients — from what goes on at the local community level to the hallways of national governments and to the outlying influences of geopolitics. Our firm identifies and assesses opportunities and risks so that our clients are better poised to seize or avert them.